Accommodation in Georgia for Students

Details about Apartments in Georgia

There are apartments all around Georgia, Tbilisi, these apartments are very close to University Of Georgia.

  • Depending on your taste, there are various types of apartments with various interior decoration and furnishing.
  • An already furnished 1 bedroom apartment starts from $100 per month, this price doesn’t include Utility bills, To see prices of monthly bills, see the Cost of living and studying in Georgia here
  • To reduce the monthly rent, students can get 2 or 3 bedroom apartments and share, A standard 2 bedroom starts from $200 per month.
  • We assist our students in getting apartments before arrival, you can tell us what you prefer, whether to stay alone or you would like to have a house mate.
  • When students arrive, students will visit the apartment we already reserved for inspection, if it is suitable enough, then the student can proceed to pay the Landlord.
  • We will also ensure that the student and Landlord Sign the legal apartment agreement.
  • For more questions relating to accommodation you can contact us

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