Cost Of Living in Georgia

Monthly Rent


Students Can easily get an already furnished apartment starting from $150 per Month, Payment is monthly. For conveniency, we can get apartment ready for students, after arrival the student will check if it’s suitable, Then student can proceed to pay the Landlord directly and sign agreement form.



  • Bus Ticket – General 0.5GEL ($0.2) Students 0.2 GEL ($0.06) Duration: 1 hr 30 Minutes
  • All around the cities, Taxify (BOLT) and Yandex are available, 6 GEL ($1.8) for 8 Km Journey.
  • Students are also free to buy Cars for easy transportation, Cars are not expensive in Georgia.


Tuition Fees

Tuition fee at University of Georgia starts from $3000 up to $6000 per year, also note that students only pay 75% of Tuition fee after arriving in Georgia, To see the full list of Courses and Tuition fee Visit HERE



As a student in University of Georgia, You will be issued a student Card, which gives you great discounts in stores and malls to purchase any item of your choice.


Monthly Utility Bills

  • Gas – Summer 40 GEL ($12) Winter 100 GEL ($30)
  • Electricity – 40 GEL ($12)
  • Unlimited Super speed Internet – 25GEL ($8)
  • Others, Water, Sanitation – 5 GEL ($2)

Price of Electricity or Gas can go lower depending on Usage



Feeding in Georgia is very cheap, especially for students who know how to cook at home, Restaurants also offer affordable meals.

  • Potato – 1kg 1.5GEL ($0.5)
  • Beef – 1kg 15 GEL ($5)
  • Bread – 1kg 1 GEL ($0.3)



  • Haircut – 20GEL ($6)
  • Tours in Georgia – 100 GEL ($30)
  • Zoo Visitation – 3 GEL ($0.9)
  • Cinema – General 20 GEL ($6) Student 8 GEL ($2.5)

Not all tourist centers require an entry fee, some are free and students also get huge discounts.

Accomodation 0%

Utility Bills 0%

Feeding 0%

Transportation 0%

Leisure, Others 0%

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